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Default What do people see in the honda fit?

I don't mean to step on any toes here, but I don't find the honda fit an attractive car in the slightest http://tradevenue.se/.... Can someone explain? Is it a great drive?
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Old 01-16-2020, 10:52 PM   #2
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I had a Toyota Yaris sedan for 13 years and just traded it in for a yellow Honda fit 2016. I love the drive! It’s much smoother, it’s larger, just everything about it is nicer.
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Thumbs up All a Matter of Personal Taste

Seriously, like movies and food, cars are all a matter of personal taste. My wife and I loved our 2007 Fit. We were heartbroken when the clutch went after 12 years and it would cost more to fix than the car was worth.

Since Honda was refusing -- and still refuses -- to sell the hybrid Fit in the USA, we wound up with a Toyota Prius which we cannot wait to replace with a hybrid Fit -- if only Honda would sell it here like it has been doing in the rest of the world for half a decade or longer. While we like the gas mileage we're getting with the Prius, the car is too damned big (17 inches longer than a Fit) with too many blind spots een with all the safety features.

If Honda has the good sense to bring the real 2020 Fit to the USA that it is selling in the rest of the world (the 2020 Fit sold in the USA is just the 2019 pretty much relabeled), we'll be among the first in line to buy one (like we were with the 2007 Fit back in spring 2006) -- even if it isn't the hybrid.

After 40 years of driving small Hondas, I can tell you that we liked the Fit's size and versatility. It can get into parking spaces we can no longer get into with the Prius - really important in an urban area. The multiple configurations of the back seat (Magic seat) enabled us to put more cargo in it that you could imagine. The Fit now has a right turn camera -- what I wouldn't give for one in the Prius whose very wide "A" pillars around the front window block your view when turning.

The manual transmission Fit was a blast to drive - and it comfortably held 5 adults of average size. And we loved having a Honda dealer for service 12 minutes away (the closest Toyota dealer is 25-30 minutes away), Toyota service is even more expensive than Honda service, and they don't treat you as well as our Honda dealer did. And I've long been a sucker for hatchbacks, going back to my first Honda, a 1979 Accord (when the Accord was smaller than today's Civic).

To my personal taste, the current iteration of the Fit is gorgeous and I'm coming around to like the totally redesigned real 2020 Fit that's sold everywhere but in the USA. Reviews report the real 2020 Fit is the best ever built with the most comfortable drive; really comfortable redesigned wider, but thinner seats; and the highest Fit gas mileage yet.

But again, it's all a matter of personal taste.
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Default great cars

Our first Fit was a 2007 Base w/auto trans. The 1st generation Fits were OK (2007-08) but they had an issue with the coils and Honda came out with redesigned coils that haven't had any issue since I replaced them. They also have a problem if you have to replace any of the radiator fans or radiator in that you have to remove the front bumper fascia to gain access. The 2nd generation models (2009-13) don't have that issue and both gens are easy to work on and reliable. I've only been doing oil & filter changes on them along with other routine maintenance like replacing the auto trans fluid and filter (external in the trans cooler hose), brake fluid flushes, wiper blades, air filters, etc. My family has 6 of them; 2007 base, 2008 Sport, 2009 Sport, 2010 Sport, 2012 base and 2012 Sport. All were bought used and none of them leak any engine or trans fluid (all are automatics). They range from 27,000 miles to over 120,000 miles and all of them have original starters, alternators, water pump, etc. I replaced the rear shocks on the 07 which was easy. I love the fact that Honda used regular shocks on the rear instead of Macpherson struts like so many other small cars. I've replaced spark plugs on the higher mileage ones and did valve adjustments on those over 60,000 miles. They're great on gas on long runs (38 mpg, even in Hawaii) and tires and stuff are affordable.

But, here's what nailed it. I used to have an '83 Isuzu pickup (standard bed) and my wife had loaded it with boxes and bags of stuff just over the roof of the cab. We had to donate the stuff to our friend's ministry but the weather looked like it would rain so we didn't want it to get wet. So, we thought we'd fit "whatever we could get in" the Fit so we folded the back seats down and began loading it. To our surprise, the entire contents of the truck's bed fit inside the Fit! (no pun intended). The amount of stuff this thing can carry is incredible and it's quite a peppy car to drive.

BTW, for those who insist on manual trans, I asked a top local trans shop if they'd ever worked on a Fit automatic trans (this was in 2017) and the owner thought about it and told me no, they'd never had one in yet. That kind of reinforced my decision on these cars. As long as you maintain the trans fluid, it will probably never leave you stranded. Let me say though, a friend of mine had a 09 Fit what begin shifting weird and the MIL came on (that's the "check engine" light). I checked it out and found that it had a code for the 2nd clutch transmission pressure switch. It took less than an hour to replace the switch which was on the top of the transaxle; that solved the problem. Simple fix for a simple car.
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...great car!!
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It's kind of bows down to your taste. I personally agree to Reacat. Honda fit is very spacious and I like its unique design.
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