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Default 4 Tips to Play Sicbo Sic Bo

1. Big and small bets

Big and Small bets in Sic Bo Sic Bo are the same as the Roulette game. The winning method used in this game is 1-3-2-4 similar to the betting sequence.

1, 2, 3, 4 are the numbers representing the unit of bet, if you place a bet at unit 10, the order will be 10-30-20-40, in unit 100, it is 100-300-200 -400 ... When you consistently win bets you will be played through this whole sequence. Whatever you win, lose, start the betting process over. Why does this method of betting on Sic Bo win:

If your 1st bet loses, you lose 1 unit

2nd bet lose, you lose 2 units (bet 4 win 2)

The 3rd bet loses, you still earn 2 units

If the 3rd and 4th bets win, you have a total profit of 10 units. But if your 4th bet loses, you still get a profit of 2 units.

Therefore, the mechanism 1-3-2 in Big and Small bets always gives an opportunity to win for the patient player.
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2. Balancing Sic Bo bets

This strategy is usually for players who are familiar with Sic Bo Sic Bo but want to experience more interesting than just betting Big, Sic Bo. The Sic Bo strategy requires you to use a paired bet that is identical to the total bet, which will give you four different chances of winning each time you spin.
9 and 12 are numbers that give you the best chance because the payout ratio is closest to the probability of winning (payout ratio is 6-1 so the probability of winning 15-2 will be 7.5-1). Now bet on your chosen sum then combine with 3 identical pairs. For example, a bet on 9 will not win if the same double is matched, a bet on 12 will not win if a double of 6 appears.
a. Bet on a total of 9
For example, place 3 units on the 9 total bet and 2 units on the 1, 5, 6 double bets. You have a total of 9 units.
If the total bet wins 9 you will get 21 units, while a uniform double wins you will get 22 units.
b.Take a bet on 12 totals
It is the same as placing a bet on the sum of 9. For example, you bet 3 units on a total of 12, 2 units on each pair bet uniformly 1, 2, 6. If the total bet of 12 wins you get 21 units, and a unified winning duo earned 22 units.
Pair bets (any 2 specific numbers)
Sicbo betting offers a great chance of winning at 6 to 1 and has a payout ratio of 5 to 1.
When using 30 units to place a pair bet, depending on your chances you will win 4 times with these 30 units. But if you win 4 times on all 30 units then stop playing and get rewarded.
3. Sic Bo bets win big

This strategy is for players who want to win big by winning more than one bet when giving the same result.

Wager on Total 8 or 13, combination bets, pair bets for a chance to win 3 times in the same spin.

Xoc dia truc tuyen
will have a considerate it . When you bet on 8 will not win if the dice give the same 4, 5 or 6 dice because their sum is always greater than 8. But if a double, 1, 2 or 3 is matched, then the 8 bet wins, Even 8-fold bet can also contain pairs of 3 and
How to bet big Sic Bo is as follows:
Bet on a total of 8
For example, place 3 units on a total of 8 and 2 units on the 1, 2 and 3, 2 pairs, 2 units on a 3 and 2 pair bet to get the chance for a 3 and 2 on the same. Your total bet is 13 units.

If the total of 8 wins on a bet wins 27 units, a uniform double wins on 22 units, a winning bet wins on 12 units. A winning number is too big is not it.
b. Betting on 13 units
For example placing 3 units on a total of 13; 2 units on identical pairs 4, 5, 6; 2 units on a pair of bets 4 and 5. It's the same as placing a bet on the 8 to give a chance for a doubles pair of 4 and 5. The total bet for a bet is 11 units.
If the total of 13 winning bets results in 27 units, a double winning bet earns 22 units, and a winning bet pairs to 12 units.
So whether betting on a total of 8 or a total of 13 gives the player a big win. With only 1 spin, you win 3 big bets.
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