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Default 2012 Fit Has a Low Tire Pressure Light - How To Reset

My low tire pressure light came on, not the tpms light. Checked all tires and inflated to 32psi. Owners manual says the light should go off on itís own, but it didnít say how long it would take. I drove about 5 miles but the light didnít go off. Does anyone know when I should expect it to go off?
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My warning light never went off either even after 100 miles and 10 days. I finally found a YouTube video on how to recalibrate the monitoring system and that worked perfectly and the warning went away. Hope that helps you.
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Did you turn off the engine? Usually, you need to fill up the tires as you did - heck go
to 35 psi. And drive it around but to cycle power to the engine a few times. (On and off with the off times being a number of minutes.) You want the little sensors/computer to
reset. Think of it like a reboot.
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The 2012 Fit has discrete TPMS sensors (unlike the 3rd generation that has a passive monitoring system using the ABS wheel speed sensors). If the low pressure warning light goes on, it should be rectified by filling the tires to the specified pressure (overfilling it a few pounds won't matter as the system is looking for low pressure, not overpressure) and then driving the vehicle should cause it to reset. I believe it has to go over 20 mph for the sensors to begin transmitting the signal.

If you know someone with a TPMS tool, have them check each sensor to be sure it's transmitting the correct data. We know all 4 sensors are transmitting because otherwise the TPMS light would be on, not the low pressure icon. However, it's a slim possibility that a sensor could be transmitting say 20 psi even though you have 33 psi in it. I've never seen this occur yet, but anything's possible.
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